Overcoming Asia’s Cost-Per-Hire Dilemma | Cielo

[WEBINAR REPLAY] Overcoming Asia’s Cost-Per-Hire Dilemma

Organisations hiring in Asia face tremendous competition for talent, but are also under pressure to decrease their expenses. Too often, they sacrifice the quality of their workforce by reducing cost-per-hire.

But there is a better way.

By measuring the right data, organizations can develop a talent acquisition process that increases the quality of candidates and saves money in the long run. Sharing this information with executive leadership will validate HR’s role in driving organisational performance.

Cielo's Sadaf Pitt will teach you the cost-per-hire measurements and best practices that enable you to protect revenue, increase efficiency and improve Quality of Hire.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How to improve Quality of Hire and increase agility while reducing costs
  • Key talent acquisition cost reduction metrics
  • The components to use when calculating cost-per-hire
  • How a low cost-per-hire can actually be more expensive over time

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[WEBINAR REPLAY] Overcoming Asia’s Cost-Per-Hire Dilemma

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